Christmas and the Many Gifts of Recovery

christmas-and-the-many-gifts-of-recoveryRecovery is a miracle, a gift that you give to yourself.


Think about the word “Recover.” It is made of two phrases, “Re” and “cover.” The word literally means to cover over something. The word was originally used to describe the restoration of furniture and other living environments. It literally means “to get back.”

Over time, the word took on different meanings: “to regain consciousness” and “come back, return; regain health; procure, get again.”

Recovery is about regaining the life that you want to live. It is not living from the past or trying to reclaim what you once had. It is about a richer, fuller life. The process may be painful, disruptive and at times costly.

No one said recovery would be easy…

Recovery means that “you tear yourself apart, examine each individual piece, toss out the useless, rehabilitate the useful, and put your moral self back together again.” Sally Satel & Scott Lillenfeld, page 55 from the book “Brainwashed.”

This Christmas, I continue to wish you well, that you will find greater joy and that your recovery will change your life.

I hope you will give yourself a few gifts this Christmas season:

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