Let This Moment, Whatever Moment You Have, be Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Do you have a moment?

Or does your moment have you?

If you have to ask

At least ask nice, nice, nice.

Words are fun.

Words are cool.

But remember that words are not the world

They are just the pool.

So go out my friends

Go out, by going in.


Don’t hold too tight

Don’t overthink

Let go with a smile and with a wink.


Sometimes your words can get in the way

So don’t give them a second thought

Otherwise you are hooked, caught.


Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

But remember that your words

Will tell you all that you need is to know, know, know.

No! No! No!


So get up

Get out.

Sit up and

Sit out.

However you move

Move out.

Wherever you move

Don’t pout.

Just be wherever your feet do what feet will do

Plant your shoes

And open up.


Yes, today’s post is silly

And it is willy.

Don’t take it serious

Just go ahead, be delirious.


For today is the only today you have

Don’t waste another today trying

To make today…

To-do-day, or

Two-times-faster-day or

(Me) Too-day.


 If your day feels nasty

Just give it an Oplasty.

Yes it’s a word, just look it up!


 One more thing

If it is things that you want

For just a moment

Open up and let today be profound

That’s much better than being stuck

In the Lost, Lost, Lost

And in the Found.


If losing is not your thing, maybe finding will feel better

Find something that makes you find something

Find something that needs you to find it

Find something that makes you stop looking.


 Letting go is letting grow.

Letting go is letting slow.

And letting go is letting it flow.

All of these words might sound silly

And yes, silly can make you smelly

But silly will keep you swelly.


If you need more inspired-inside-spiration

Here is one more idea and one more thought

That are hooks, clever ways to get you caught, caught, caught…


You are like a goldfish in a tank

full of water made of words


Don’t beat yourself up

because you will just give yourself bruises

on top of feeling nasty.

The name “Dr Seuss” and the statement, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” are copywrite Seussville

Photos by the author, his creative consultant – the one, the only JJSway and by JD Hancock

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