Thoughts About Thoughts (adapted from Dr Seuss)

One thought two thoughts red thought blue thought
black thought blue thought old thought new thought.
some are red and some are blue. some are old and some are new.
some are sad and some are glad. And some are very, very bad.
Why are they sad and glad and bad? I dont know. Go ask your dad.

Some say thin and some say fat. Some don’t even like my hat.
From there to here, from here to there, funny thoughts everywhere.
Here are some who call me dumb. They make me want to hide or run.

Oh me! Oh my!
Oh me! Oh my!
what a lot of thoughts go by.
Some are gentle and some cause pain.
Some go round and round again.

Where do they come from?
I can’t say.
But they seem to have a lot to say.

We see them come.
We see them go.
Some are fast.
And some are slow.
Some are high.
And some are low

Not one of them is like another.
Don’t ask me why.
Go ask your mother.

Written by: Ben Sedley. You can learn more about Ben and his counselling practice at this link.

Ben has also written an excellent book, Stuff that Sucks: A Teen’s Guide to Accepting What You Can’t Change and Committing to What You Can (The Instant Help Solutions Series).

You can also follow Ben on Facebook.

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Photo by JD Hancock

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