Not Everyone Needs Treatment for Their Addiction

According to a study of 40,000 Americans, it turns out that nearly half of those who experience an addiction find a way to change, without treatment. According to the Recovery Research Institute:

  • 9.1% American adults have resolved a significant alcohol or other drug problem
  • 51% reported alcohol as their primary problem
  • 11% cannabis
  • 10% stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine (7%)
  • 5% reported opioids as their primary substance

Of note, this national study found that approximately half of all Americans who have resolved serious substance problems, did so without any assistance.

Half of all Americans who have resolved serious substance problems, did so without any assistance.

If you are interested in becoming more healthy, call it whatever you want. Less than half of those surveyed considered themselves “in recovery.” The majority chose a different way to describe the changes they had made.

Successful recovery does not have to be something you feel completely “ready” for. Many changes begin with making one change that becomes more comfortable. And then we take the next step.

No matter where you begin, you will never feel completely ready.

And if you do feel completely ready, you are probably headed for a

relapse because overconfidence is the enemy of successful change.

For article, “Successful Addiction Recovery Begins Before You Feel Ready,” click on the photo. The article describes 3 reasons why you are ready for the next stage of your recovery… even if you don’t feel like it!

If you, or someone you care about is in need of substance use treatment or other mental health support, contact your doctor or mental health professional. For many people, getting treatment support or psychological help, it can lessen the length or intensity of their recovery. And for those in serious medical need, treatment is essential.

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