The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do When You Feel Like You Are Going to Lose Your Mind

In the past few days, we have been talking about recovery and how to respond to difficult life experiences. This article is a little like a first aid kit for when you feel like you are ready to lose your mind because you are facing painful thoughts or emotions, difficult memories or trying situations.

Can you fully accept what you are powerless to change?

Remember that good therapy or medical support is essential. And that nothing you do can stop the flow of life. Situations wills till happen, painful memories and emotions will still be present. But you can do something, and here are a few ideas:

1.Social support – talking won’t solve your situation, it may not make you feel better but talking will help you to feel less alone. Social connection is a powerful way that your mind and body regulates itself, which is like a reset for your emotions.

2.Gain perspective – having a world view or perspective on life that is flexible and able to expand or grow will help you to make sense of your experience. This is about finding a way to feel both grounded and flexible at the same time, a sense of predictability or foundation, along with welcoming whatever comes your way. A sense of spirituality can help or gratitude or openness to creativity. How you approach your life will make a huge difference.

3.Make peace with your experience – another word for this is acceptance. When you make peace with your experience, you find a way to accept how this event or situation has impacted you. You honestly take stock of how whatever you are facing has effected you, changed you, or your life. You consider how your needs may have changed. This could mean accepting a diagnosis, a relapse, a relationship ending or divorce, a teenager’s substance use and subsequent decision to leave home long before you would like them to do so.

Can you fully accept what you are powerless to change?


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This is where I am supposed to write some serious stuff about myself. But in reality, I just hope that you enjoy what I write. I hope it makes you smile, makes you feel a little lighter and enjoy your life a little more. Nope, it’s not therapy, but I am sharing the good stuff… the stuff that helps me.

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