Let Go of Your Dreams and Bring on the Party!

It’s a good thing to hold onto your dreams. But sometimes we have to let them go. Letting go of our dreams can be one of the toughest things to do.

But letting go can also be the path to discovering that the life we have is exactly the life that we most needed.

In a recent Facebook post, James Altucher wrote about turning 50, “Every goal I set for myself at the beginning of 49…didn’t happen. Nothing happened. It’s all different than I expected.” So he decided that rather than being irritated, disappointed or depressed because his year was not what he wanted he changed his mindset…

​”I AM WHERE THE PARTY’S AT” James Altucher

What have you learned about letting go of dreams that once seemed so important to you?

What have you learned about letting go of dreams that once seemed so important to you? James shared what he has learned:

  • I am more present with the people I am with because everyone has something they can teach you
  • We miss some of the most important moments of life because we are too busy pursuing our dreams: like our children’s graduation, going to college, learning to drive or our own need to celebrate (rather than worry about) getting older
  • Toxic people are a killer
  • You will feel more alive when you play, but you will also fail. Don’t worry so much about it because “perfection is the enemy of learning.”

​Altucher shared a story about how when you buy a Honda Civic, all of a sudden you see all of the other Honda Civics on the road. We all tend to see what we see what we expect to see and hear what we want to hear.

“What you think, feel, do is what you see, hear, attract. If you feel pain, insecurity, fear, you start to see, hear, attract all the things that will keep you fearful. If you feel abundant, loving, and kind, you will notice the opportunities that are abundant, loving, and kind.”

One toxic person requires about 100 non-toxic people to make up for them. So better to just be with good people and ZERO toxic people. James Altucher

I invite you to check out a recent article, “Being Inflexible is the Most Unhealthy Response to Your Situation.” In the article, I wrote “Where things can become unhealthy is when we become rigid and try to force ourselves, or life, to always fit what we want.”

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Photo by Thierry Leclerc

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