Having “Highs and Lows” Does Not Mean that You Are Bipolar

Bipolar illness is serious and needs medical attention, effecting about 2.6% of our populations in a given year. But having highs and lows are normal, and even feeling deep lows and very high ‘highs’ is normal. Having a range of emotions is normal and healthy.

To read more on Bipolar disorder, see “The 8 Myths of Bipolar Disorder.

Too often the mental health and health care systems assume that there is a “healthy normality” where distressing states of mind are seen as signs of disorder and disease. But life itself is full of both periods of highs, along with periods of disappointments, difficulties, and disheartening experiences.

Hayes, Wilson & Stroshal

Keep it Real

Quote adapted from Hayes, Wilson & Stroshal p 8, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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