This One Word Can Make You Stronger

This One Word Can Make You Stronger_vance-osterhout-129608-unsplash

The “I wish I could, buts…

Many of us live in a world filled with ‘buts.’

We would go after our dreams, but we lack self-confidence. We would take a risk for love, but we fear others will disappoint us. We would write a great novel, but we currently lack inspiration.

One word can change what we do?

What if we could change all of these ‘buts‘ to ‘ands’?

This single word can radically change how we relate to our inner experience…

A. N. D. 

We can go after our dreams and lack confidence. We can step out, act and still experience self-judgments.  We can decide to do something and keep going, even though our mind tells us we should feel better / need to not make mistakes / ought to know more or / feel more confident.

“We don’t have to wait until the right feelings, thoughts, or level of confidence show up. We don’t have to turn our feelings into an enemy. We can act right now, with our feelings.”

Keep it Real!

Adapted from Louise Hayes & Joseph Ciarrochi, “The Thriving Adolescent” page 149

Photo by Vance Osterhout on Unsplash

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