Sympathy For The Daredevil: Matt Murdock And His War With Depression

I grew up reading about Daredevil. There was something cool about a blind man with ninja warrior skills, who is out to help the little guy, gets beat up again and again, only to rise one more time. Daredevil is a symbol for what it means to not allow your fear and your limitations to “become” you.
One more reason that I love Daredevil, he is a character that dealt with depression. He is a haunted man. He lives with fear, with shadows on the inside that make him more afraid than the shadows on the outside. His shadows, his depression is something I can relate to. Daredevil can remind us that we may face enemies, and we may fall. But we can rise again. And again. And again.

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Superheroes regularly face overwhelming odds to save the world. Sometimes, the greatest battles are fought within, and Daredevil is no stranger to dealing with personal issues. Matt Murdock has one of the most turbulent lives of any hero. From his earliest days, tragedy dogged The Man Without Fear. Over the years, Daredevil has faced a variety of enemies, but his greatest is surely depression.

Matt’s struggle with depression is a major part of the character. His mental health battles have featured in a lot of iconic stories, like Born Again and The Elektra Saga. Given everything he’s experienced, it’s little wonder Daredevil has suffered with depression. His journey makes him relatable, so I’m taking a look at how Matt has learned to handle his depression.

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