Batman and Robin: Mental Health Superheroes

Last week I wrote about what Batman taught me about happiness. In the post, I ask the question, “What’s holding you back from doing the things that make you feel alive?”

“Jason Todd (Robin) is a survivor, someone who could be considered damaged goods. But even with his trauma, Jason has been able to do more than survive. He’s been able to make a life for himself and stand as his own man.” Jamie Ryder

For me, dressing like Batman allows me to express my humor and playful side. I don’t do it often, but dawning the Batman mask lets me feel like a kid, and use my imagination.  In a way, I rise above whatever I feeling, or facing.

Interestingly, I found this article on where the Jamie Ryder talks about his own reasons why he dresses up as Robin. He shares six ways that becoming Robin has made a difference to his own mental health:

1.Dressing up gives you the chance to become your favorite character

2.You can use your imagination and be playful

3.You identify with a character and that can give you hope

“There’s a freedom in cosplaying that means you can be whoever you want to be. For a few hours, you can leave behind the stress of a normal day and focus on enjoying a different side to life.” Jamie Ryder

4.Your humor helps you to see beyond your weaknesses and be more than your anxiety, self-judgment, grief or depression.

5.You can express your freedom to play

6.You can find a community

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