The Dusty Man

Dust contains tiny bits of life. ___ 20 years of dust It came out of nowhere. I went to sleep And it found me   An inch thick and a mile wide Like a blanket, But cold And lonely.   Befriended by dust And a lonely couch Lost without a map Sick without a doctor. … More The Dusty Man

Love is an e-Motion

Love is open like a storefront, honest like recovery and messy like art. ___ This poem was the impetus for my article, The Six Loves that Create Lasting Love. I welcome you to enjoy both pieces and I hope they provide you with some inspiration and encouragement in your relationships. ◊♦◊ What is Love? Love … More Love is an e-Motion

The Myth of Normal

Dr. Gabor Mate reminds us that who you surround yourself with can change your life. ___ What is normal? It’s an interesting question. We certainly know what is weird, abnormal and even crazy. In North America, we have over 500 disorders that tell us what, and (more importantly?) who, is pathological. For many of us, … More The Myth of Normal