Appify your life

In case you think I created all of these ideas myself, I did not. I only created the funny ideas and my daughter made up the ideas that are less funny. That’s how we do it in our family, I take the credit for the funny stuff and they do all of the hard work. Where I am from, we call it the Canadian Dream.

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Imagine if you could Appify your life?

Apple has given us so many super cool Apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. What if they could give you and me Super Power Apps in the form of iPowers? My daughter and I brainstormed the following list of ways you can Appify your life:

  • Shazamming Shower Power – the power to beam your Shower Singing voice into every radio in a 5 km radius. This could either be a weapon of mass destruction or the gateway to your success. You decide.

IMG_1738 (2)
  • Supefy your Selfie – the ability to put your face onto the actual face of a celebrity. Instantly Zach Galifianakis looks like you and Taylor Swift looks like me. You better watch out Taylor.


  •  Google search your house for things you have lost (this idea is from my friend Joyce). Just type in the things in your house you are looking for and Google Stalker will tell you where they are. And then it watches you, everywhere you go. Imagine all of the fun it will have watching you!

Every breath you take I’ll be watching you…”

The Police (Courtesy of Google Stalker)

  • Volume Control Fingers – if you want someone to be quiet, just hold out your fingers in front of their face and squinch your fingers to silence them. When you are ready, expand your fingers in their direction to make them speak louder. They will keep on talking to you as if you can hear everything. Just imagine all of the conversations you can avoid with this one!


  • Nosy Noser – When you are bored of something that a friend is saying, just double click their nose to get them to automatically go deeper and tell you every last juicy morsel, or just change the topic to something less boring.


  • iUpdater – Stick your finger in the USB port when you need to update yourself.


  • iU-Updater – Stick someone else’s finger in the USB port and watch the update curl their pit hairs. You think their pit hairs are curly right now, can you say AfroPits?


  • iElvis – Press someone’s belly button twice to have a conversation with Siri. Then press three times to talk to Elvis. Talking to someone’s belly button is weird. Their belly button talking back is even weirder. Velvet Elvis’ voice coming out of that dark and steamy place is not something that I would wish on anyone. I can still hear his voice whenever I scratch my belly button.


  • Password Protection Power – assign a password to someone so that every time you leave them for a few minutes, they go into lock down until you re-enter the code. This is fun at parties or when they are in the bathroom.


  • iPicker – An app that will automatically pick your nose for you. No more dirty work. Your app will do all the digging so you can concentrate on the driving.


  • Wireless Mind Connection – imagine reading people’s minds, listening to FM radio and mentally surfing the internet for new Smoothie recipes. All at the same time.


  • QR coder – be able to read a QR code with your eyeballs. Also, be able to laser beam QR codes onto your brother’s forehead that instantly connects him to Celine Dion’s greatest hits.


  • Super Settings App – You can self adjust your skin tone lighter or darker depending on your mood. You can also add sounds to common actions that you take. Imagine the fun when every time you stand on your Tippy Toes, you hear What Does the Fox Say?


So, what are you waiting for? Appify your life. Leave a comment and tell me about how your iPowers would change your life and annoy everyone around you.

Keep it real

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