Reflexion: The Reflection Project

Reflection 4Be careful where you look, because what you see may change you. 


What do you see when you look at your reflection? Have you thought about what your reflection sees when it looks back?

Reflection 8The Reflection Project

Our reflections can change us. Looking at a reflection is like dreaming while we are awake. It is only when we are awake that we are able to see.  

Over the past few weeks I have been wandering the streets of my city, in search of Reflections that inspire Reflexion.

Re-Flex-Ion = Re-Flex and try again = Ex-Periment and grow


Reflect or Deflect?

Reflect and change our minds,

Deflect and change the subject.

Reflexion = Re-Flex-Ion = Re-Flex and try again = Ex-Periment and grow

Reflex and ReFleks


Reflection 6


Deflection is where we change the subject so that we don’t have to change our mind. Deflection is a De-Reflection (We deflect attention, deflect pain or deflect what makes us anxious. Sometimes deflection is good, like in Hockey or in Chess. But everywhere else, deflection hurts us.

Reflection is changing our minds about a subject. We reflect so that we pay attention, so that we we acknowledge our pains and anxieties. It is here that we find the courage to live our lives.
Reflection 7

Reflections and change

The selfie is planned and self-controlled; contained and corralled; a Kim Kardashian moment. Selfies may change us if we are not careful. They mold us into memes, lesser versions of ourselves.

Reflections present themselves to us all day but they are ignored because they so commonplace (insert yawning sound). Reflections are an opportunity, to see differently.

Choosing our better selves begins with Reflexion, being willing to look up. And see.

Never underestimate the power of short, small actions. Never underestimate yourself. Maybe it’s time to begin your own Reflexion Project?

Keep. It. Real.


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Click on this link to see more of my Good Men Project content.
Click on this link to see more of my Good Men Project content.

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