Are You Awake?

Awake - SMSwabyWaking up can be the most important thing we do each day. 


I went for a walk this week and took a shot of the sunrise. It felt like the entire sky was a canopy, a tent. Almost could reach up and touch it. It is good to be awake.

I hope that you are awake today.



Wake to face.

The day, Awake.

Up, Wake Up.

Not A Wake, but

A Life, Alive.

Up, Wake Up.

And Face Up.

Face the day.


Awake clouds - SMSwaby

Keep it real

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Click on this link to see more of my Good Men Project content.
Click on this link to see more of my Good Men Project content.

Thanks to Wilhelm Cortez for creative support for this piece!

Photo courtesy of smswaby. Please site source.

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