Being Mildly Happy Will Make You More Attractive

Moderately Happy is More Attrative

The 8 myths of happiness and what you can do to feel more content


Feeling too happy can make you unhappy

You may not feel so happy when I tell you what ‘happy‘ really means. The root word for happy is luck, fortune or to come about by chance.

I don’t know about you, but hearing that happiness means the pursuit of luck, fortune or chance makes my happy chemicals reconfigure themselves into confused chemicals.

If you and I pursue happiness, which is based on luck, fortune or chance, none of these things are in our control. Is the pursuit of happiness, like a dog who pursues her tail: always running, never arriving?

Happiness is on my brain because it’s January, or as I call it, Saduary. It’s so easy to be pulled into unhappiness because of cold weather, long dark days, summer being six months away, money issues, personal problems (bla, bla, bla). It makes sense to put on your happy pants and think happy thoughts. Right? Not so fast.

Before we invest a lot of time and energy in the pursuit of happiness, let’s think about what we are pursuing.

The Eight Myths of Happiness

1.You can choose to be happy. Life can slam you unexpectedly, even if you have a goal of feeling happy. Happiness is an emotion and you cannot control it.

2.It depends on how much money you make. It’s probably not money because most of us feel about the same level of happiness, despite how much money we have. More money, more money problems.

3.You are either happy or unhappy. To see the rest of the article, click here.

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