8 Signs that You Overthink Everything

7 Signs That You Overthink Everything

Or maybe should the title be, “When you think yourself out of everything”?


Do you overthinking things? Just a little? I thought so.

This post is a helpful guide to understanding how much you overthink things.

I get it, you are just reading this for a friend.


The 8 Signs that You Overthink Everything:

  1. You want to explore your feelings about overthinking.
  2. You worry about how much you worry about how you look.
  3. You become confused, even when you are all alone. Mostly, you just confuse yourself.
  4. You play games, with yourself.
  5. You have difficulty making decisions. When you do decide, you question your decisions.
  6. You wonder if people are mad at you because of how much or how little they say… or based on what they wear.
  7. You punctuate your punctuation.
  8. You wonder what people mean when they say, “They are okay.” That must mean they hate you.

Keep it Real


Photo by Charlotte

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