When You Feel Like You Might Have a Panic Attack, Here is the Most Important Thing to Know

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3 thoughts on “When You Feel Like You Might Have a Panic Attack, Here is the Most Important Thing to Know

  1. Wow, what a great guest post by Marie Miguel! It’s great to see someone talking about panic attacks and informing people about their symptoms, as well as some helpful tips on coping strategies and techniques. Mental health is a topic that is close to my heart and I love to see it being dealt with in a positive and productive way, like Marie has here. I think it has been written really well and is very informative.

    I really enjoy your blog here Sean and think your blog has been expertly cultivated into an amazing space with information on mental health, wellness, and personal growth! I’ve just started my own blog at https://www.panicattackawareness.wordpress.com/ and would love it if you could take the time to check it out and let me know your thoughts.

    I’d also really love to collaborate with you in the future Sean so will be sending you an email soon!

    JT – Panic Attack Awareness


  2. Remind yourself that you survived every panic attack you survived in the past.
    They were scary but they did not harm you
    Panic attacks are a protection mechanism.
    They are not designed to harm you.
    They are not a monster out to kill you.
    They are your GUARD DOG.
    Forget about trying to stay calm … get excited.
    Tell you are excited by this powerful adrenalin rush.
    Say “I am excited by the feeling”   ….. over and over again.
    We have the same adrenalin rush for fear, excitement, rage, etc. Adrenal does nor come in different emotional states for, the ONLY difference is the labels we put on the adrenalin rush and the actions we take due to the labels. So FLIP the label fear to the label excitement.
    Run towards the feeling, embrace and demand MORE…. this is SCARY but it works. It “pops” the bubble of fear. Panic grows when you fight it.
    Ride out the wave of adrenalin… it will feel scary and exciting at the same time. The will subside just like a wave in the sea.
    Finally you can shake the energy out


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