Give Your Words a Rest for a Minute and Let Your Experience Speak

Yesterday’s post talked about how we can be so immersed in words, that we are like fish in a fish tank with water made of words.

Your words are important to help you understand yourself and your experience. But think about how often you just don’t have the words to explain something: a remarkable sunset after a storm, the taste of fresh pie, how it feels to stretch first thing in the morning, the smell of the morning. Words are only one way to experience the world around you.

Opening up is how you feel and feel alive, how you connect and how you share your gifts with others. But opening up can also be frightening, even terrifying.

Today, for a few minutes give your words a rest.

Spend a few minutes listening to music, drinking your coffee, noticing something outside or appreciating your children.

Let your experience be enough.

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