Take a Week off Facebook and You Will Improve Your Mental Health

Danish researchers at the Happiness Research Institute researched 1095 Facebook users and compared regular users to those who took a week off. They found:

  • A better social life.
  • Finding it easier to concentrate.
  • Being in a better mood.
  • Wasting less time.

Rather than using Facebook, people used their time to talk to each other, call their family, and overall they felt much calmer. Taking a week off can help reduce Facebook Envy.

“5 out of 10 envy the amazing experiences of others posted on Facebook. 1 out of 3 envy how happy other people seem on Facebook. 4 out of 10 envy the apparent success of others on Facebook.”

Recently I wrote about Facebook and how I was addicted to Facebook “likes” but actually I hated myself. For the article, click on the photo.

Photos by Esther Vargas and Global X

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