Your “To Do” List May Never Be Completed… But It Doesn’t Have to Be.

For anything to truly to be finished, it takes compassion.

We can go through our tasks, our ‘to do’ list without thinking much or without connecting with ourselves. The ‘to do’s are important, but they can easily become disconnected because we are so easily disconnected.

I try to manage my time, but more often my time un/manages me. After a long day, my time management looks at me and says, “Gosh, your life has become unmanageable. Good luck!”

I like completing tasks, it feels good to check off the box. But these things are never finished.

Thngs are nevr unfinishd. Ther is alwys one mre thg to doe.

There is always more to do, more time to fill with the unfinished. We can rarely rest because there is always one more thing.

But that is just how life is. Really?

We like to check off the box, because that gives us a moment of feeling like we completed something. But then the next moment 17 things rush to fill that space. Our happy moment is wiped away.

Your life, your sense of what is important, your time, your presence, your energy is summarized in one amazing word: Your being.

Your being lives on compassion. Compassion is the ‘food’ of your life. It is the nutrients, the vitamins, the minerals of what you and I need to do more than just make it through each day.

The older I get, the more simply I am trying to live. I am, simply, on a journey to be compassionate with myself, with my family, and with those I work with and work for.

Unlike the rush of the next task, compassion does not tend to rush in. Compassion is more like honey than sugar.

The photo for this post is by Dewang Gupta. Your day may be a little like this photo – difficult to nail down, or to feel like you are on top of things. The photo reminds me that this moment you and I are in is more than the marbles we are trying to move around. Bringing compassion to ourselves allows us to ‘do’ whatever we must do with more of ourselves, our mind and our heart.

Today in your life, can you make a little space for compassion?

Keep it Real

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

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