Do You Know the Four Keys to Relationship Resilience?

Your keys hold profound lessons. Don’t neglect them, because they want to talk to you. ___ You are like a new key. Sometimes you can be sharp, with rough and perfect edges. Sometimes you expect too much and you can be stuck up and rigid. New keys always stick.  I don’t know the exact reason … More Do You Know the Four Keys to Relationship Resilience?

Give Recovery the Finger

Maybe it’s time to give recovery the finger? ___ We have gotten the idea of recovery wrong. Wrong! Recovery is sometimes thought of the absence of an addiction and the replacement with something more healthy. But life is more than addition and absence, plus and minus. Your body is continually adding new cells and removing old, decaying … More Give Recovery the Finger

Menopause Me

Good day. Today we are going to be talking about Menopause. Why would we discuss Menopause, you ask? I am 48 and I wonder if Menopause is upon me. (Or upon us… but I probably shouldn’t say that out loud). When I was little, my mother told me that Menopause is a Change of Life. Change of life? Change of … More Menopause Me

Your Better Half: Interview with Jay Scott (Part 2)

If movie sequels can improve with age, what about personal sequels? Part 1 talked about how: Self-acceptance is at the core of any personal change. A better second half begins with acceptance. Fitness contributes to bigger habit muscles which help in every other area of our lives. Dumbbells makes you less dumb and improving fitness can be … More Your Better Half: Interview with Jay Scott (Part 2)