Your Better Half: Interview with Jay Scott

July 1, 2015 is not Canada Day, it is Terminator: Genisys Day.

This is the day when liquid metal will become screenplay magic. I get my hopes up that sequels like this will be worth the wait, but most sequels seem to go a little limp. Maybe the producers need a little Video-Viagra? Sequels seem to get into trouble because they recycle rather than recreate.

Some sequels manage to surpass the original: like pretty much any of the new Star Trek movies, the new Superman, The Empire Strikes Back and Shrek 2. If movie sequels can improve with age, what about personal sequels?

Personally, I hope that my second half turns out to be my better half. I like my life, but I don’t want to spend the second half of my life living off recycled jokes and second hand stories.

When I talk about The Second Half, I don’t mean: old age, getting up there, or being over 50. Everyone has a personal second half. If you are 24, your second half is the next 24. Wherever your life is at, my question is: How can you make the next half of your life even better?

The Jay Scott Interview

This is my first interview for this blog. I plan to include occasional interviews with people who have an interesting story.

I first came in contact with Jay Scott a couple of years ago through his podcast, Full Disclosure Fitness. Jay knows a few things about how to make the second half our better half. He has worked in the personal training industry for 15 years and has been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS.

Can losing fat make you lose your mind?

Some people seem to lose fat cells and brain cells at the same time. Gaining a high level of fitness makes them lose touch with reality a little. We all age, but some people try to pretend that they are a little more special than the rest of us. Jay surprised me when I asked him about his life and how his second half is better than the first.

“Losing a bit of your luster can improve your ability to enjoy life. Suddenly you aren’t afraid to take off your shirt if you don’t have the perfect six-pack, or you don’t have to spend an hour trying to get your hair perfect. Once you embrace the wrinkles, looser skin, graying hair etc., you are actually freer than you have ever been. In that comes a great joy and appreciation. But it takes age and wisdom to come to these conclusions – and sadly many never do. That’s why we see the surge of plastic surgery among older Hollywood actors and entertainers. They can’t embrace the natural process of time. By the way – I’m just learning this myself; it’s tough to get older. But embracing it is the way to go. Try to keep yourself as fit and trim as possible, but remember that Father Time is undefeated.”

Full Disclosure Time: Fitness is not about the six pack, it’s about embracing what you’ve got, even your saggy wrinkles.

A better second half begins with acceptance? I did not expect that from a fitness guy.

If you want to improve at public speaking, try talking to your dumbbell

I find public speaking a challenge. First you have to master the routines and habits, from preparation to confident delivery to body language. And then you have the mental side, managing your stress and not over-thinking things. Dumbells can make you less dumb when you speak. How is this possible?

Jay talked about how losing weight is a process and that for most people, using dumbbells makes you less dumb… in fact, they take you to success school.

“The process of losing weight and getting fit instills the basic fundamentals of success in a person. These fundamentals are the same for everything in life. From learning to knit to being the world’s greatest public speaker – you simply have to employ these basic rules of discipline and hard work.”

The second half can be better when we team up with barbell. Fitness is not really about the muscles, but it does build bigger habit muscles which help in every other area of our lives. Fitness is not built by spending a lot of time in the gym once or twice a week. For most of us, we become and we stay fit by investing small amounts of time each day. This is how fitness teaches us about the importance of routine and patience.

Patience is another virtue that you simply must have to get fit – and you also have to have it for success in any other endeavor that is worthwhile. Nobody becomes good at something in an hour – it takes weeks, months, and years to master most things. Fitness and fat loss teaches you this in a physical form… fitness shows you that you can put in work and then reap the rewards for that work.”

Click here for part 2 of my interview with Jay Scott. In part 2 we discuss:

  • Setbacks and the second half
  • How fitness helps with persistence
  • The Chuck M. training effect
  • Health and our Mental Health

Jay’s contact information:

Jay Scott’s website is I highly recommend his weekly podcast, which can be found through his website or on iTunes, Full Disclosure Fitness. I have listened to a great deal of fitness podcasts over the past five years, but the only podcast I listen to each week is Full Disclosure Fitness. Jay is science based, sensible and brings in interesting guests.



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