Your Better Half: Interview with Jay Scott (Part 2)

If movie sequels can improve with age, what about personal sequels?

Part 1 talked about how:

  • Self-acceptance is at the core of any personal change. A better second half begins with acceptance.
  • Fitness contributes to bigger habit muscles which help in every other area of our lives.
  • Dumbbells makes you less dumb and improving fitness can be like attending success school.

This is part 2 of my interview with Jay Scott. Part one can be found here.


Setbacks and the second half

Most of us change our clothes every day. Sometimes my kids need a little convincing that changing their clothes is where they want to invest their energy. But that is a story for another blog.

Physically, you and I get to start each day with a fresh set of clothes. Emotionally, however, it is much harder to remove the wear and tear that life can dish our way.

Working out is like a mental gym. I get to work out some of my stress and at the same time I get to work in daily reminders to keep at it even when I feel uncomfortable and to learn about myself through struggle.

Here is what fitness can do for you: Body by Chuck M.


Jay and I discussed failure and setbacks.

“Failure is actually just a learning process. It’s when you think of it as “final” that problems tend to arise. I like to think of myself as a Zombie. No matter how many times I get smacked down I just keep getting back up and attacking. Am I slow? Yes. Am I graceful? No. But I keep coming through failure after failure. I never stop. I think that attitude is what it takes to be successful in anything in life. You have to accept the fact that you are going to mess up royally many, many times. Then you have to learn from that mistake, fix whatever needs fixing, and try again.”

Having a fitness routine creates space for us to shed a little of yesterday’s emotional wear and tear. Just as sleep is like mental floss (sleep recharges our immune system, magnifies our concentration, repairs our neurons and releases growth hormone) , exercise can be like a change of clothes. Life can add layers of disappointment because of setbacks and goals that just don’t pan out. We end up feeling like our first half is as good as it gets.

In my second half, I am thinking differently about fitness. It is not just about abs, heavy weights or being in Beast Mode. These things have their place, but fitness is more about the total wellness of our mind, spirit and body. If my body is fit but I am an annoying person or if I am emotionally messed up, who cares how good I look.

Fitness is my anti-depressant” says Jay. “It helps me to unwind and get in the proper mindset. I think of it as a sort of meditation, and it helps tremendously with my anxiety levels.” Physical fitness helps to create better mental fitness, but don’t drop your Doc or your meds in favor of a Dumbell. Talk to your doctor before engaging in any fitness change.

July 1, 2015 Terminator will hit the theatres with a new sequel. Will it be the best one yet? We will have to see. By the time the movie is out, you and I will already be in our own personal sequel.


The second half can be your better half. Your personal sequel can surpass if you follow Jay’s simple recommendations:  

  • Embrace where you are at, accept yourself and your body
  • Be thankful and practice gratitude
  • Fitness instills the basic fundamentals of success, like patience and attention to process
  • Working out is like a mental gym, a daily physical meditation
  • We need to be Failure Zombies – get knocked down but keep at it, this is how we will learn and improve


Jay’s contact information:

Jay Scott’s website is I highly recommend his weekly podcast, which can be found through his website or on iTunes, Full Disclosure Fitness. I have listened to a great deal of fitness podcasts over the past five years, but the only podcast I listen to each week is Full Disclosure Fitness. Jay is science based, sensible and brings in interesting guests.



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Keep it real

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