Love is an e-Motion

Love is open like a storefront, honest like recovery and messy like art. ___ This poem was the impetus for my article, The Six Loves that Create Lasting Love. I welcome you to enjoy both pieces and I hope they provide you with some inspiration and encouragement in your relationships. ◊♦◊ What is Love? Love … More Love is an e-Motion

Life Happens While You Are Waiting for Life to Happen

Sean Swaby asks, “Is your life worth waiting for?” ___ Life is lived in between waiting for life to happen. ◊♦◊ In between the downloads, The apps that refuse to open. Fighting for freedom, The computer makes us wait, One more Time. ◊♦◊ Being in Recovery is about Time. If you could recover your time, you would be … More Life Happens While You Are Waiting for Life to Happen

Are You Awake?

Waking up can be the most important thing we do each day.  ___ I went for a walk this week and took a shot of the sunrise. It felt like the entire sky was a canopy, a tent. Almost could reach up and touch it. It is good to be awake. I hope that you are … More Are You Awake?