The Angry Lego Man in My Junk Drawer


Have you looked inside your junk drawer lately? My junk drawer is full of empty promises and broken dreams. In fact, I love the junk drawer because it reminds me of what my life could have amounted to. All that I have to do is open that one little drawer and I can see what could have been. So much regret in one small space.

When I was a child, I loved visiting my grandparents in Canwood, Saskatchewan. One reason for my childhood love of Canwood was that my Aunt Rita had the best junk drawer in the world. To a 4 year old it was a story drawer, a place of mystery and full of treasures. In fact, one summer I snuck away from home just to go to my Aunt’s house and that see what I could find in that magical drawer.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Probably because I forgot everything else in between. It’s just easier to forget everything else like the names and unimportant details. I like to keep room for the important stuff. The junk drawer overflowed with locks and keys, gadgets, small tools, knobs, unknown mechanical pieces and assorted odds and ends. I think I loved the junk drawer because every piece had a story to tell.

What does your junk drawer say about your life?

FullSizeRender (19)

This is my junk drawer. I have taken a picture so that you can visualize the drama within my drawers. (Keep it real, there are children in the room.) My wife has not seen this post yet and when she finds out I have shared this, she will not be happy. Junk drawers are a source of conflict in our home. I like the junk drawer. My wife, on the other hand is not a fan of the junk drawer. How you make peace your junk drawer says a lot about your relationship.

The contents of my junk drawer amount to the following list: a dead heart rate monitor watch, one dice, some hand sanitizer, about 10 pens but none that we actually enjoy using, a calculator, a lonely and very angry Lego figure, a 15 year old lifeless electronic organizer, a paper address book, some notepapers, our check book and some lint.

I think the junk drawer is a metaphor for our lives. It tells the story of our reach and our reality, our dreams and our disappointments. The junk drawer is our families Freudian slip and Jungian shadow. What lurks within the junk drawer exposes part of our psyche. So let’s have some fun and analyze my drawer.

Dead heart rate monitor – I have had a lot of fitness goals over the past six years. Some goals don’t fit me anymore. Goals don’t fit, I guess I’m not that fit either. The watch reminds me of all of the sweat and tears that stayed in the drawer.

One dice – When we have a hard time making decisions, we use a dice to help us. If we had two dice we would probably be more successful at it.

Discarded technology – So much promise and so little relevance. I really have no idea why we keep it or even how to turn it on, yet it feels wrong to throw it away.

Angry Lego – My kids are getting older and the Lego is a relic of their past. They have shelves full of the stuff but they think they have too much street cred to play with it. So I play with it. Don’t knock it. I love the Lego.

FullSizeRender (20)

Pens – Why do we have so many pens and none of them seem to work? Probably one of my children has a box of partially used pens under their bed. Why? It’s simple. When the printing press was introduced, our freedom and knowledge exploded. If they steal all of the pens, our freedom and knowledge will shrink. I imagine the strategy is to starve Mom and Dad of our writing implements so our higher capacities will starve. Busted!

Hand Sanitizer – We use the stuff all of the time but I keep getting sicker. Probably because I drink it. I am trying to quit. One day at a time.

Note pads – I love the note pads. Every empty notepad cries little paper tears, “Write on me” and “Draw a little stick man” it says. My mind is full of note pad doodles. Drawing on note pads are the commercials of my day.

The calculator and the check book – Other than the sucky pens that we have, the calculator and the check book are the only other things that we actually need from the drawer. We have a full drawer, but we really only need three things: a pen, a calculator and our check book. What does this say about how we live our lives? We probably have way too much crap everywhere just in case we might need it.

I can sense a weekend of cleaning and de-cluttering coming. I love my life.

Have you looked inside your junk drawer lately? If you are listening, your junk drawer wants to tell you a story.

My next article about my house will be my shelf of broken dreams. Stay tuned, folks.

Keep it real


Do you have a junk drawer memory? Why don’t you tell me about it so I can enjoy it with you? I won’t laugh, at least not out loud.

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3 thoughts on “The Angry Lego Man in My Junk Drawer

  1. love this – my junk drawer is full of elastics (all old and useless) garbage bag ties and tools – all kinds, so what does that say????


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