Don’t Hate Mondays, Hug Them!

Monday. The most hated day of the week; it’s about as popular as taxes and flossing your teeth.

The Boomtown Rats wrote #1 song about how they don’t like Mondays. I guess they like Mondays more now that they have sold a bunch of records?


Why do we have such a hate on for Monday?

1. Monday seems to be the day when everything is hard. We feel more tired on Monday, probably from our various hangovers: too much junk food, too much TV, staying up late, drinking more alcohol and maxing out our screen time. It’s like we need some mental floss to get us back in the game.

2. Monday is the day when we feel weight (and the wait) of the entire week. Mondays have a lot of stored energy, like Static Shock. We drag ourselves around all weekend which collects a lot of Static Shock. Come Monday morning, we get hit with a giant case of Monday Shock right on the nose. Monday is the start of the week and everything seems a little shocking. Friday Fun Day is a memory and now we have 5 more days of work sitting in our In Boxes, our In Baskets and our Inner Children. (Therapists probably love Mondays.)

3. Monday is more stressful. Mondays are an unpopular day. That is when more accidents and more health problems happen. On Monday we are more likely to have a heart attack, a stroke and have more stress than any other day of the week. One more reason to stay in bed that day.

The Other Side of Mondays: Mondays can make us Better

I think that Mondays might actually make us better people. Some professions have more than their share of Mondays and how they face the experience makes them excellent. I will give you three examples: Athletes, Business Owners and Comedians.

    •  In 2013, A Rod’s at bat average was 29.9%. And he made millions of dollars. He used performance enhancing drugs to get there, so we will have to see if he can hold it up in 2015-16. If a baseball player misses 70% of the time, he is legendary. If you play baseball for a living, 70% of your week will be spent dealing with missed opportunities and listening to the sound of a whistling bat.
    • According to James Altucher, average entrepreneurs make good decisions about 35% of the time. Really good entrepreneurs make good decisions 40% of the time. That means that entrepreneurs spend 60-65% of their week trying to recover from bad decisions they have made. Altucher‘s resume is here. He has raised 100’s of Millions of dollars and has started more companies than I care to think about so he has a little Cred on the topic.
    • Seth Meyers just finished up with Saturday Night Live and now he is the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers. He says that even for the best comedians, their jokes work only 50% of the time. For 50% of the time, the best comedians practice deep breathing while no one laughs. That would feel like a very long time with people staring at you, expecting you to make them laugh NOW.

Professional Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Comedians… more than half their lives are Mondays! Hate to say it, but Mondays make you better BECAUSE things are off, BECAUSE the day feels like you are starting all over again, and BECAUSE you suck at things. Mondays make you and I better when we keep at it.

If your goal is to work out, cut back on how many beers you drink, quit smoking or eat more veggies: Monday is the day to do it. You can find the research summarized by a Group calling themselves the Monday Campaign. Apparently Mondays are so low in popularity, they need to go on the campaign trail.

Mondays are hard days, but for most of us they are a day that screams “Restart.” There is nothing magic about a day on the calendar, but there is a little magic in the ability to let yourself have a restart.

The ability to execute-flop-learn-execute is one of the keys to greatness in Athletes, Business owners, Comedians, Soldiers, Parents, Teachers and Students, Managers… and even Song Writers.

No one said you have to like Mondays but it might be time to hug your Monday.

Keep it real

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