Why I am an advocate of Hash use


Hash Use Epidemic among Elementary Children.

Got your attention? Now how about this: #hash use #epidemic among #elementary children

Using Hash may improve your communication.

Eating Hash

When I grew up, my family ate Hash for supper. Hash combines leftovers and a few new ingredients to make something old taste better. Today we call it Fusion and it is expensive. Growing up, it was just Hash.

We also had hash browns and I still don’t like them. They feel like tiny french-fries, but so tiny that you need a Q-Tip to get ketchup on each piece. It’s too much work, so you eat them dry and you feel ketchup-deprived.

Smoking Hash

In High school, I learned about history and Hashish. Some students would sleep through history because they smoked too much Hash the night before. I didn’t smoke and I usually didn’t sleep through school.

Growing up, I was curious about how you could eat one kind of Hash and smoke a different kind of Hash. One kind filled our stomachs; the other kind filled our jails. It took me a while to discover that it all depends on the context.

“Our imaginations would be anorexic if Shakespeare’s love for language was microwaved and hashtagged”

Speaking of Hash


Hash is no longer illegal. Well, not the kind of hash that most of us use. My daughter says that some of her grade 6 friends communicate with each other by saying “Hashtag Drama” (#Drama). Do they think that life began on Twitter or Instagram?

“In the beginning was Google. And Google was with You Tube. You Tube begat Facebook, Facebook begat Twitter, and Twitter begat Instagram. And the children Hashtagged.”

How is it that the # has become a way to summarize the essence of our thoughts? Hashtags make for an easier search, but they will never help us communicate.

Our imaginations would be anorexic if Shakespeare’s love for language was microwaved and hashtagged: #romeo #juliet #forbiddenlove #family feud #drankpoison #togetherforever

Hash it up


You and I use the # as a tool. If that is the extent of our language diet, we starve. What fuels your mind?

We don’t need a lot of words to be inspired. God used language sparingly, speaking just 10 commandments and Jesus came as the #Word (just one). Einstein did not talk until he was four and some of the wisest cultures speak silently.


Hashtagging will improve our communication when combined with a little more #reflection.

#Keep #it #real.

2 thoughts on “Why I am an advocate of Hash use

    1. Titles are one of the most important part of our writing. Along with the semicolons. Then again, every part of it is important.

      I appreciate the time that you took to send a note. Thanks!


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