Canada Day 2015: We’re sorry, but we have photoshopped our country

Canada Day 2015: we celebrate the National Department of Photoshopping.


Canada is known for many things: Hockey, cold weather, a Beer Pipeline and  also for Photoshopping our natural beauty and our interstellar assets.

First off, we wanted to let you know that we are not sorry for Photoshopping ourselves. We admit that it is unusual for Canada to not apologize for something. Sorry, but we’re not apologizing for this.

Alberta is one of our natural gems: blue skies, the Rockies, along with our spectacular mountain lakes. We celebrate our beauty and wanted to give credit to our hardworking team of Photoshoppers.

We admit that the “Too good to be true” natural turquoise lake colour of Lake Louise is really Too Good To Be True (#TGTBT). That’s because we photoshop our lake.


Our National Department of Photoshopping is proud that we have been quietly Photoshopping our country for over 100 years. Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly and guaranteed to make your holiday 87% more pleasurable.

In Canada, we are excited that Gravity has no effect on our Photoshoppers. Our team has proudly slapped a Made in Canada label on Canada’s bionic Space Arm. Now the entire world knows that Canada manufactures bionic Space Shuttle arms.  


In the event that you or your country may be interested, our Canadarm is for sale. If anyone is interested in multi-million dollar mechanical arm, please call our 1-800 number.

We hope that you enjoy Canada Day and celebrate all of Canada’s natural beauty, along with our photoshopping. We aim to photoshop our way into National Beauty.

Keep it Real

Please share this post with other Canadians and any of our International friends who appreciate that there really are no limits to Photoshopping.

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