Whether You Celebrate Christmas or Not, Take a Moment Today to Pause

I have two beefs with Christmas:

Christmas beef #1: commercialism and the shopping malls. All of the people, searching for the right item after looking at 75 other ‘right’ items that were just too much money or too big or the wrong color or wrong era. But honestly, I still love giving and getting presents. Seeing how other people react to what you got them is just fun.

Christmas beef #2 is how the holiday music begins in October. I don’t mind Christmas music, but October?

I really love Christmas, especially after all of the work of shopping, wrapping, sending, cleaning and tidying, baking and preparing is done. Usually that’s somewhere in the afternoon on the 24th. Sitting in front of the tree, music on, an egg nog in my hand. Somehow it feels just right.


Today is the eve of the Christmas Day. Every person who reads this will have their own experience of Christmas, their own beliefs and reasons. I invite you today, wherever you are at, to spend a moment to pause.

“The truth is, things will never really slow down. If you want to get around to that, you’ll have to plan time for it.

Todd Henry

Today, however you do it. Grab a coffee. Sit by the tree. Listen to some music. No matter what it is… take time to pause, to appreciate, to be kind to yourself.

Come join me… I have a cookie for you (just one though because I ate the rest)!

Wishing you many moments of pause over the coming weeks.

Keep it Real

One thought on “Whether You Celebrate Christmas or Not, Take a Moment Today to Pause

  1. My beef with Christmas is that the corporations have no respect for Thanksgiving anymore. Thanksgiving Day used to be a big thing when I was growing up; however, it has been completely shoved aside. Might as well get rid of it from the US holidays.


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