Today, Right Now, Life is Offering You an Invitation

Today, right now. Life is offering you an invitation. Every day, life makes the same offer. Sure… some days, the offer gets old. We get distracted. And honestly, sometimes we’re just not interested so we take a pass.

And then life offers again.

What will you make of Today’s invitation?

It’s not always spectacular, but it can be. And sometimes it’s downright nasty. It can feel as though it has taken you over, mind racing, heart pounding. But yet, here you are, right now.

When is it?

He is right there. And she is often only a few steps away. They can sometimes be an inconvenience, asking too many questions. They make a mess and sometimes they don’t even clean it up. But they are important. Often they may only need to be heard, or a hand, or to be held.

Who are they?

That thing you just have to do, or that new shiny thing. That – One – Thing. It feels so big that it will just make everything better, maybe even great. That one thing may be good, it may be important to do. No matter what it is or who it is for…

If it not done with compassion, should it be done?

Life offers each one of us this one moment. Life offers the person, the opportunity, the situation in front of us. Life offers the next choice and you can make it with whatever compassion (or self-compassion) that you have. No, life is not perfect. And sometimes it is not even your “preferred.”

Yet, today, life still makes the same offer. What will you make of Today’s offer?

Keep it Real!

Photo by beketchai

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