Can You Make Friends With Your Anger?

Making friends with your pain, your anger is not easy. But when you allow yourself to feel, to have your pain or anger or anxiety you can stop fighting. You save your energy so you can invest it in living.

It’s difficult. I know. I am facing some uncomfortable emotions and pain that is honestly very hard for me to face. I will write about it later in the New Year, but for now I’m not ready to do anything about it. I see it and I have named it.

Perhaps today you can’t make friends with anger or anxiety or memories or pain. But can you acknowledge it, name it?

In a recent article, I wrote about anger “It’s tricky. Accept your emotions, but don’t let them run your life. Emotions are really important and you need to accept that they are along for the ride. Let them sit in the back seat, just don’t let them drive the car.”

The article asks the question: You and I only have one life, so why waste another day getting angry at traffic, the size of a line at the store, or how slow the internet can be, or how stupid some people can be?

Perhaps today you can’t make friends with anger or anxiety or memories or pain. But can you acknowledge it, name it?

This post is not intended to replace therapy or mental health support. If you need support, please contact a qualified mental health specialist in your area.

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This is where I am supposed to write some serious stuff about myself. But in reality, I just hope that you enjoy what I write. I hope it makes you smile, makes you feel a little lighter and enjoy your life a little more. Nope, it’s not therapy, but I am sharing the good stuff… the stuff that helps me.

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One thought on “Can You Make Friends With Your Anger?

  1. It is amazing how people manage to make friends in spite of their anger but then you wonder how long their friendship will last if the person(s) can’t control their anger over anything and everything, real and imaginary.


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