Are You Kidding??? This is It? Right Now Sucks!

This is it. The moment is here. Right now, there you have it.

What are we talking about?

This moment… right now.

It’s probably not what you thought it would be. Your anxiety told you “it” would suck. And your memory told you that you would probably screw “it” up.

Bet you didn’t…. and bet it wasn’t as bad as your anxiety told you. Anxiety is like that. Don’t trust it if it tells you what the lottery numbers will be. Just sayin’

This moment… it’s not often full of sunshine and unicorns. Sometimes right now sucks… but whatever you do with right now, make it count for something.

This moment… No, it’s not often full of sunshine and unicorns. Sometimes right now sucks. For me, right now is about paperwork and bills. It’s about raising teenagers and being middle-aged. (Which is okay if you are a block of cheese, but it can suck if you are a middle aged human being.)

Right now for me is about snow and vacuuming and reminding my kids to shovel the snow and vacuuming. It’s also about realizing that the word “vacuuming” looks really weird. Really weird. It’s spelled vacuuming but we pronounce it “VAK-QUE-MING.”

Whatever you do with right now, make it count for something. There are a lot of people around the world who don’t have any moments left. They may have been rich, smart, super-awesomely-handsome or drop-dead-supermodel gorgeous, maybe they had a frickin’ 8-pack (on their stomach, not in their fridge), or maybe they were smarter than you and I put together… but so what?

They are gone.

You and I, we outlived… out played… out lasted.

So then get at it. Today is the day when you can live… play… and last.

Today needs you to live because you don’t know about tomorrow, about the moments that you will have.

No, I’m not being serious about life being too short. Actually, I’m trying to not take it too seriously at all. Life… recovery… this moment… it goes better if you and I take it a little less serious. A little less hard on ourselves.

If you really need it, I give you permission to put away the darned vacuum. Put your feet up. Smile. Breathe in a few more moments. You deserve it.

Keep it Real


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This is where I am supposed to write some serious stuff about myself. But in reality, I just hope that you enjoy what I write. I hope it makes you smile, makes you feel a little lighter and enjoy your life a little more. Nope, it’s not therapy, but I am sharing the good stuff… the stuff that helps me.

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Keep it Real

Photo by Aoife Ni Mhathuna

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